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What are cookies?

Cookies are tiny data files stored on users’ computers while visiting a site on the Internet. They are used to compile information on how users browse the site.

Cookies are installed while browsing some sites and show a user’s activity on the website that installs them and other related sites. Some examples of the information they store include the location of the device the user is connecting with, the connection time, the operating system and the pages the user visits most.

User consent

The cookies used by this Website don’t affect your privacy, as they do not process personal data. LACER uses cookies to compile information on browsing habits on the Website for the sole purpose of understanding your preferences regarding Website contents and, based on analysis of these preferences, to improve the Website.

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Types of cookies used on this Website

Google Analytics Analytical tool that collects statistics on how the Website is used Google Persistent 2 years from the end of the last session

The cookies are deleted from the device automatically when the expiry date is reached.

LACER shall not be held responsible for the functioning or duration of these third-party cookies, nor for the handling or use of the information compiled by said third parties through these cookies.

How can I manage cookies?

You can allow, review, block or remove cookies installed on your device by third parties using the browser settings. Below are some links to more information on how to do this:


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If you use an Internet browser not listed above, you can find more information on how to change your cookies settings in the help section of your browser.

Changes to cookies policy

LACER reserves the right to change this cookies policy at any time. We therefore ask you to check the cookies policy periodically to stay up to date.


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