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Good oral health is essential to enjoying good quality of life. To achieve it, establishing a suitable dental hygiene routine is essential – and toothpaste is an indispensable tool. Currently, there is a huge variety of toothpastes. But if you have celiac disease, our recommendation is that you use a gluten-free toothpaste because this will ensure that you follow a 100% gluten-free diet with all the benefits that this entails.

Read on and take note of the importance of incorporating gluten-free toothpaste into your dental hygiene routine if you suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance.

What is celiac disease?

Celiac disease consists of a reaction of the immune system when consuming gluten. Gluten is a protein found mainly in wheat, rye and barley, and it is present in many processed products such as toothpastes.

Although there is no definitive cure for celiac disease, following a strict gluten-free diet allows people who have it to enjoy a good quality of life by controlling the disease and preventing serious conditions.

Why is a gluten-free toothpaste important?

People with celiac disease (sometimes known as celiacs) have to pay special attention to their oral hygiene routine because they are more likely to suffer from oral health problems. They need to be consistent in the habit of brushing their teeth correctly after each meal, which means a minimum of three brushings a day.

When brushing our teeth, toothpaste comes into contact with our mouths and we might even ingest a small amount. By using a gluten-free toothpaste, any risk of gluten entering the body is avoided, making it easier for people with celiac disease to follow the gluten-free diet that they need.

Benefits of using a gluten-free toothpaste

As we discussed above, celiacs are more prone than average to suffer from oral health problems. The use of gluten-free toothpaste is a perfect preventive measure because it helps reduce the chances of oral conditions such as defects in tooth enamel or the appearance of cavities that can seriously damage the teeth. It can also help reduce the frequency of annoying mouth ulcers.

As you can see, the benefits of using a gluten-free toothpaste are countless for people with celiac disease. That’s why at Lacer Natur we encourage you to make gluten-free toothpaste a part of your oral hygiene routine. You can start by trying our Lacer Natur toothpaste, which, in addition to being gluten-free, is made from all-natural ingredients.

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