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Indoor plants give our homes a fresh, welcoming and pleasant atmosphere. They connect us with nature and bring us calm and peace. But they also have numerous advantages beyond decoration. In this post, we will demystify some beliefs about plants at home and tell you about their many benefits.

Myths and false beliefs about having plants at home

One of the most widespread myths that is often believed is the one that says that we should not put plants in the bedroom. The fact is that, during the night, plants consume oxygen and produce some CO2 , hence the myth. But the truth is that they won’t starve us of oxygen. Think, for example, of all the people who sleep beside others and still have enough oxygen to get through the night. It’s OK to put a plant in the bedroom.

Another of the most widespread myths is that if your house doesn’t have much light, you can’t have healthy and beautiful plants. The truth is that there are many types of plants and you can find one that suits the conditions of each environment. There are those that need a lot of light and those that need little; those that want direct light and those that prefer a shady spot. Take note of where you want to place a plant and let the shop where you buy it advise you.

And then there is the myth of humidity and watering. It is true that many plants suffer from  a lack of humidity in houses, but we can see how many plants grow in nature: on cliffs by the sea, in deserts, on the tops of the mountains, and similar dry places. There is a plant for every place and a place for every plant. As always, you should try to get to know your plants a little: if they are from humid, wooded areas, they will appreciate being sprayed, kept away from heat sources that dry out the environment and watered according to their needs. Others, however, prefer drier environments.

Benefits of houseplants

The benefits of houseplants are numerous, from the purely aesthetic and visual to health and wellbeing.

Plants are beautiful and very decorative, if you choose them well you can improve the atmosphere of any room by adding plants to your liking.

Indoor plants produce oxygen and consume carbon dioxide during the day, but they also improve air quality and purify the air by filtering it.

There are plenty of natural plants for the home that adapt to each space and to each person, to their tastes and their gardening skills. So don’t hesitate any longer: go to the florist or garden centre and let them advise you about which plant is the most suitable for you to make your home and your life a little more pleasant.

If you want an even greener life, plant a tree or set up an urban vegetable garden!


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