Planes de verano post-covid

Plans for a perfect post-lockdown summer

This probably isn’t the ideal summer for planning a week in New York. We might need to postpone that trip to Japan that we’ve been dreaming about. Sharing photos of the Caribbean on Instagram will have to wait for another…

Educación Ambiental

Environmental Education

At this point, it seems that no one doubts the existence of climate change, although for some the debate about whether it is due to human action remains open. Desertification, droughts, floods and forest fires are an increasingly worrying reality….

Renewable Energy

8 Benefits of Renewable Energy Sources

Renewable energies are ideal alternatives to using carbon-based fuels. They do not contribute to causing greenhouse gases, climate change and global warming. Generated using the power of nature, they are clean and they quickly replenish without having an impact on…

tips to make your life eco

5 everyday things you can do to look after the planet

Living without generating any waste is impossible, but we can all reduce the damage we cause to the environment by doing these easy, everyday things. Here are five tips to make your life more eco. 1. Reduce and re-use your…

The natural alternative for oral hygiene

We often think about reducing our sugar intake to prevent caries, but we don’t put the same importance on the toothpaste we use to care for our mouths. Toothpaste is a personal hygiene product we use at least twice a day and we should make a conscious choice in picking it. For those who prefer natural products, there is a good alternative for proper oral health: natural toothpaste.