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Did you know that the bottle your natural-origin Lacer Natur® mouthwash comes in is made with 100% recycled and 100% recyclable materials? If you want to find out more, read on…

A 100% recycled PET container

PET is a material used to make all kinds of containers and bottles. It is resistant, flexible, waterproof and light, so it is ideal for transporting liquids. This is especially true of drinks because, due to its characteristics, it preserves their qualities and doesn’t alter them in any way.

Lacer Natur®’s mouthwash bottle, unlike those of most other brands, is made from 100% recycled PET materials. Thanks to this, we save energy and raw materials in the manufacturing process. There are other bottles made with recycled materials but very few reach 100%.

The bottle top features a safety ring, which clearly indicates that the bottle has not been opened since leaving the factory. Thanks to the bottle’s design, at Lacer Natur® we have reduced the packaging materials for our mouthwash to the minimum to lower our environmental impact.

A 100% recyclable PET container

Right from the beginning of the design process for the Lacer Natur® mouthwash, we aimed to reduce packaging to a minimum, eliminate non-essential elements and keep in mind the possibility of recycling the entire bottle together with the top and the label without having to separate them. This makes the recycling process easier, which saves time and energy.

And that’s the main message we wanted to share with you about the global ecodesign strategy of the Lacer Natur® mouthwash bottle. If you deposit it in the correct recycling bin after you’ve finished using it, you will help to reduce waste and do your bit to take care of the environment.

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